What Will God Do?

“God WILL help you through this!”  Have you ever had someone offer you that consolation?  I sure have and it has caused me to ponder the question, “What Will God Do?”  The Bible is not just a book of wishful thinking.  It is alive and powerful.  In recent weeks, a number of Christians have shared with me their personal stories, emphasizing…  “God is faithful.  He has been there for me through the pain.”  Such testimonies have led me to consider carefully in my daily devotional time what the Bible actually says about what God will do.  In the Book of Isaiah…  we find what God will do…  “I will be with you (43:2), I will go before you (45:2), I will help you (41:14), I will strengthen you (41:10), I will carry you and will deliver you (46:4), I will have mercy on you (54:8), I will hold your hand; I will keep you (42:6), I will comfort you (66:13).  When God says, I WILL, we can be assured that HE WILL.  He makes promises… and He keeps promises.  Let us praise Him for His faithfulness!

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