Overcoming Discouragement

Discouragement is universal.  Eventually everyone feels discouraged.  So, if you are feeling discouraged you are not alone.  Chances are many around you are feeling it, including those in ministry.  A common Monday morning thought among pastors is “I think I will rewrite my resignation today.”  Perhaps, you have had thoughts of resigning your job, family or even church.  It is one thing to have the thoughts but another to act upon them.  Remember that discouragement is only a feeling.  It helps to know what causes the feeling of discouragement so we can steer clear of it as much as we can.

COMMON CAUSES:                              COMMON CURES:
#1 Cause – FATIGUE                             #1 REST YOUR BODY
#2 Cause – FRUSTRATION                   #2 REORGANIZE YOUR LIFE
#3 Cause – FAILURE                             #3 REMEMBER GOD WILL HELP YOU
#4 Cause – FEAR
                                   #4 RESIST THE FEELING OF DISCOURAGEMENT

Discouragement is a choice.  If we feel discouraged, it’s because we have chosen to feel that way.  No one forces us to feel bad.  And no feeling lasts forever.  So, we can overcome feeling discouraged.  As we continue serving the Lord it is my hope we will all experience the Joy of the Lord.  Remember that it was the Joy of the Lord that gave David strength!

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