Reclaiming Corporate Worship During the Summer

With the end of school and the beginning of the summer break I want to encourage you not take a break from corporate worship.  I am not suggesting that we should not take family vacations.  I think we all should and we should have a great time this summer but please don’t sit out of church or call off ministries.  These are challenging times as individuals and as a church family.  We need everyone active in worship and ministry.  What I have seen as a pastor is that after a person or a family misses church for about 3 weeks in a row it becomes really difficult for them to get back attending on a weekly basis.  One of the saddest things is that some churches have no choice but to practically close for the summer because the lack of attendees.  What makes this truly tragic is during the summer when we run into someone, only to find out that, yes, they are still in town, but that they are not attending church during the summer because there are no classes for the kids, or because their extended family or friends are not going to be in church.  Throughout this nation churches are failing because of spiritual complacency and the lack of commitment to corporate worship.

One of my hopes is that we will recapture the evangelical spirit that brings with it a commitment for corporate worship and ministry.  For some it will be tough to turn down that 9:00 AM tee time on Sunday during the summer or refuse to leave the beach early enough on Sunday morning to get to their home church in time to join in corporate worship.  I know it is not popular but I would like to ask that you join with me and lets reclaim the summer months for God and His work.  Challenge others to fight the urge to “take a break” from church during the summer.  As worshipers the summer can be a time of renewal, revival, and spiritual growth instead of a church sabbatical.  In all honesty, it took decades for churches in this country to abandon the summer months as a mission field and to declare June, July, and August a shallow period for the faith.  We probably will not reclaim this time in a single season.  But we do need to start.  We need to keep praying, keep worshiping, and keep serving during the entire year.  Amen?  Amen.

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