Book Review – John Ortberg’s “The Life You’ve Always Wanted”

“The Life You’ve Always Wanted” is a book about spiritual formation as one seeks to live out the good news.  Beginning with the premise of a disappointed life he offers hope through transformation to real living.  He states, “The good news as Jesus preached it is not about the minimal entrance requirements for getting into heaven when you die.  It is about the glorious redemption of human life – your life.  It’s morphing time” (26).  Ortberg borrowed the term “morph” from the children’s show Power Rangers.  The Power Rangers would announce morphing time which signaled the transformation from ordinary human life into the martial art super heroes.  We cannot change with just an announcement.  However, the announcement precedes transformation and the Holy Spirit provides the power needed for us to live extraordinary lives in Christ.  Ortberg provides such an announcement for transformational living through the application of spiritual disciplines.  It is a good book and would be great for a group study.

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