Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

The sciences often overlap subject matter.  Two sciences that tend to overlap are biology and psychology.  Psychology is concerned with behavior and mental process.  This definition leads to the study of the brain.  The science of biology can assist the science of psychology to a point.  There is debate concerning the makeup of the brain and the breakdown of its function into a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere.  Are there such individuals as left-brained persons or right-brained persons?  Yes, because there is evidence that supports this theory.  The brain is composed of different parts however the portion that centers in this debate is the cerebral cortex.  Lahey states the following: “The cerebral cortex made up of two rounded halves called the cerebral hemispheres” (Lahey, 1995, 69).  The two halves are connected by the corpus callosum.  The two halves are involved in different mental process.  The left side is more analytical and the right side is more practical.  The two sides communicate through the corpus callosum.  A person would not recognize what side of the brain is being used unless the corpus callosum was severed.  This surgical procedure has been performed and the study supports the theory that the left side and right side perform different functions.  The right side of the brain cannot use language to describe a stimulus but the left can.  The left cannot identify the stimulus from touch but the right can.  Both sides are part of the body that has been created by God.  The body is a remarkable creation and functions in complex ways.  The science of psychology can learn from observation of the body and describe, predict, understand, influence and help others.  Personally, I lean more in the direction of being left-brained.  How about you?

Lahey, Benjamin B.  Psychology: An Introduction, (Dubuque, Iowa: Brown & Benchmark
Publishers, 1995).

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