Ministry Interventions for Local Church Revitalization

As a whole, local churches are experiencing growth in numbers and folks seem to be growing spiritually.  As a pastor, I would rather have a good core group of folks who are spiritually mature and walking upright with the Lord over a large number of people who are spiritually immature.  Can I get an Amen?  That is not to say I would not like a large number of people because numbers represent souls!  It is my hope to see congregations revitalized.  Some folks say we need to pray for revival.  I agree.  It is my view at this point in my journey that revival is taking place right this moment.  The Lord is bringing about hope, healing, and restoration and my desire is to focus in and facilitate revitalization.  The goal is local church revitalization.  This is problematic because not all churches are the same (i.e., different DNA, demographics, rural, urban, etc.).  What may be described as revitalization at one church might not be considered such at a church fifteen or thirty miles away.  Revitalization cannot be measured in totality by looking at other churches in comparison.  However, there are some common factors which contribute to revitalization of the local church.  We must look at numbers and raw data but we must also look at how lives have been changed as a result of our ministry interventions.  Studying a local congregation from the past is essential in order to best determine how to administer the proper intervention (i.e., the “pill”).  And after the “pill” is digested there has to be a measure of its productivity (paradigms) and the overall spiritual health of the congregation.  Therefore, most successful methods will most likely be those of a hybrid nature.  Hopefully, congregations will experience growth in numbers and in spiritual maturity of its individual members.  Of this result, I am a believer!

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