Book Review – William D, Romanowski’s “Eyes Wide Open: Looking for God in Popular Culture”

Romanowski uses the term “Hollywood” to reference to all secular popular arts and Christian (even though it is a broad term) in reference to the arts which reflect Christian values.  The observation of Romanowski is many Christians fail to appreciate the popular arts unless it has the Christian stamp of approval upon it.  However, there are some popular arts which seem to trump this standard if “everyone else is partaking.”  The postmodern culture in America is reflected in the popular arts and if we do not critically engage in the popular arts we risk not reaching the unbelievers with the Gospel.  Engaging in the popular arts provides the opportunity to appreciate all the arts and to break down the barriers between the secular and the sacred.  If we do not engage in popular arts then we will limit telling the Gospel from our perspective.  If we do engage in the popular arts then we can speak from what is known as a platform to share what is unknown which is Jesus.  When Christians engage in the production of popular arts we can better glorify God through the arts.  What I have gained from this reading is the motivation to engage the popular arts with a renewed passion.  I must understand the culture in order to help people and ultimately share the Gospel.  Like it has been said, “We cannot redeem that which we reject.”  If I reject every popular art which is not Christian then I risk alienating myself from the culture and thus alienating myself from the people I am called to reach.

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