Online Learning vs. Traditional Classroom

The traditional classroom has been a sacred environment for many students.  It is understandable that many students might not welcome online learning especially if he or she has never experienced online learning.  I write to shed light on the subject of online learning in hope that those engaged in online learning might excel.  When there is understanding and order online learning can be as systematic as in the traditional classroom.  Within the traditional classroom there is interaction among classmates as well as useful dialog between student and professor.  Both the group discussion and open dialog is helpful on a collaborative level as well as individually.  The traditional classroom provides a tactile environment where the participants can jump into and actually experience in the physical the synergy of group involvement.  The inner-action with others is vital.  We are relational beings and online learning does not remove our need to interact with others.  On the contrary, online learning releases us as Christians to share with more people the gospel and to be used to bring glory to God.  If we as learners do not engage others online we will miss one of the greatest opportunities to advance the Kingdom of God.  One’s concept of learning might be simplistic and limited to a structure that people meet weekly for a lecture, encouragement, fellowship, etc.  However, in our post-modern culture the concept many have accepted is the church is constantly evolving and the internet is vital for promotion.  If the church is evolving and accepting the opportunities online then church leaders must embrace the change head-on.  One of the ways this is possible is through online learning.  We can find comfort in that God does not change but humanity continues to advance technologically and socially.  As a result we must not only accept the challenges ahead but fully embrace the opportunity to engage in online learning.  One of the ways colleges ask students to engage online learning is through what is called “Blackboard.”  “Blackboard” is the name of a portal of learning made available to students enrolled in a specific course.  This online experience allows the student to work according to a professor’s timeline or if allowed at one’s on pace.  Today, a combination of “Blackboard” and modular week classroom time is made available to many masters and doctoral students.  This combination allows the student to gain the benefits of online learning without abandoning the formal classroom experience completely.  The modular week classroom experience is essential not only for the transfer of information gained through lecture but because relationships are solidified to the point of a more personal level of online sharing.


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