Book Review – Andy Stanley’s “Visioneering”

This is a book for leaders in the church who dare not become complacent in service to the Lord and His church.  In my opinion this is an “on-time” book for those who are serious about leading the church into the future.  Andy Stanley is the founding pastor of North Point Community Church a large church outside of Atlanta, Ga.  He is also the son of Charles Stanley, the popular pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga.  Andy Stanley demonstrates the importance of vision not only in ministry but in the business world.  Therefore, his target audience is not just ministers but business professionals.  Though this book is good I would not consider it a must read.  I do think it was useful for my ministry in that it probably has a few sermon seeds.  But the question that kept coming my way as I ready was, “I wonder how much money Andy Stanley is making off of this book.”  These are just some of my honest thoughts which did hinder my digestion of the book.  It would be a good book to take along on a vacation and read for fresh ideas as one dreams and seeks a fresh vision for ministry.

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