Book Review – Robert D. Dale’s “Leadership for a Changing Church: Charting the Shape of the River”

This is a book for today’s leaders in the church.  If the last decade has taught us anything it has taught us change is inevitable.  Change is the ugly word which every pastor must constantly war with as he or she leads.  We are living in a Postmodern world and things have drastically changed in the business world and within the church.  Third millennium leaders are different and this is a good thing.  Yesterday’s leadership strategies will not work in today’s world.  According to Dale, our values help determine our leadership stance.  We must know where we stand and how we stand in this generation.  The ones we are ministering to in our churches are techno savvy and have at their fingertips information, which took us years of study to obtain.  With a few clicks on a smartphone they could get up and read a sermon on any particular passage.  What we must do is demonstrate how to apply the information.  According to Dale, having the information is not as important as knowing how it should be applied.  Herein, is where today’s leaders must dig in and “charter the shape of the river.”  In my opinion this little book is excellent and I recommend every pastor read this book with his or her church leadership.  This is what I plan to do in the upcoming year if time allows.


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