Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

Biology and psychology tend to overlap on this subject. Psychology is concerned with behavior and mental process. Psychologist would say the question can be answered through proper mental analysis. Biologist would say this question can only be determined if the left and right sides are disconnected.

The debate concerns the makeup of the brain and the break-down of its function into a left hemisphere and a right hemisphere. Are there such individuals as left-brained persons or right-brained persons? Yes. The brain is composed of different parts however the portion that centers in this debate is the cerebral cortex which is made up of two rounded halves called the cerebral hemispheres. The two halves are connected by the corpus callosum.

The two halves are involved in different mental processes. The left side is more analytical and the right side is more practical. The right side of the brain cannot use language to describe a stimulus but the left can. The left cannot identify the stimulus from touch but the right can. The two sides communicate through the corpus callosum.

Again, Biologist say a person cannot recognize what side of the brain is being used unless the corpus callosum is severed. This surgical procedure has been performed and studies support the theory that the left side and right side perform these different functions. But let’s not have our brains cut in half over the issue! Let’s just say left-brainers tend to be more analytical and right-brainers are more practical. I would say I am more of a left-brained person. What about you? Are you a lefty or a righty?

Lahey, Benjamin B. Psychology. Dubuque, Iowa: Brown & Benchmark Publishers, 1995.


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