Laity on Lockdown

Laity on Lockdown 1

With many areas of our lives placed on pause it may seem like things will fall apart because we cannot “do” all the things we are accustomed. I would like to remind you that God still has the whole world in His hands. For many people, their days usually begin with a list of things “to do” and perhaps a time of prayer, “Lord, what would you like for me ‘to do’ for You today?” With the coronavirus “to do” lists have been reduced significantly for many churchgoers. Social distancing now has a new meaning and “stay-at-home” has affected schools, businesses, hospitals, nursing homes, health clubs, and local churches. It is as if the laity of the local church have been placed in “lockdown” or at least been “paused” in so many areas of service (Sunday School teachers, greeters, ushers, hospitality teams, nursery workers, choirs, praise teams/bands, musicians, audio/visual technicians, children’s church workers, youth leaders, and the list goes on and on!). We have been able “to do” so much in the local church because the lay people have such passion and love for serving! Now, the laity are having to stay home in order to abide with the regulations and requests of our governmental officials.

Today, I was on a conference call with some other pastors and it confirmed what I already was sensing in my spirit. All of the pastors on the conference call are “doing” Livestream services and some are “doing” parking lot church. What was confirmed is that nobody on the conference call has any idea about tomorrow. As the sun comes up tomorrow things could be better or worse for the local church. The Church could experience the Rapture or it may continue “doing” ministry in new ways. However, God knows and He will continue “doing” something that He has been “doing” since Jesus was walking the earth with His disciples. Jesus will build His Church “and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” nor will the coronavirus! (Matthew 16:18)

We live in a performance measured society. If we perform well then we are rewarded. Performance is something we “do.” With all the chaos, confusion, anxiety, and depression let’s not forget that God is more concerned about us “being” than “doing!” You might ask, “What about our works?” Yes, we are supposed to work for the Lord. We are His servants and servants “do” for their Master. However, our “doing” must be in Him or it will be of no avail. Jesus said to remain in Him and that apart from Him we can “do” nothing (John 15:5).

Okay, you are probably noticing at this point our dilemma. If we “do” ministry and He is not included then we are really just wasting precious time. We have a solution to our dilemma and it is found throughout Scripture as it relates to our intimate relationship with Jesus. Instead of running around trying to fix things we can embrace the time of “pause” that has been given us and “be still and know that He is God” (Psalm 46:10). If we do this we can discover “being” or “resting” in Him is not time wasted but time well spent! It is actually a vital key to victorious Christian living.

Since we are in “lockdown” and not able to gather together and serve together why don’t we make the best use of our time? We can accept that we have been placed on pause or “lockdown” and seek a more intimate relationship with Jesus. Reading the Scripture a little more, praying a little more, and just enjoying “being” in God’s presence. It could be that the Lord wants us to REST in Him that He can prepare us for a tremendous revival! Whenever we do come back together as local churches all over this world wouldn’t it be amazing that we are ready! You might be asking, “Ready for what?” Ready to serve with a fresh anointing! Ready to serve with a new appreciation for corporate worship! Ready to serve in excellence! Ready to serve even the least of these! Laity in “lockdown” could very well be a time that God has set aside for His Church to become empowered by the Holy Spirit “to do” greater works!



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