Book Review – Reggie McNeal’s Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the Church

According to McNeal the rise of the missional church movement is the biggest renewal since the Reformation.  The missional emergence or renewal offers hope to our culture because its focus is upon incarnational living.  The leaders of the church must first be engaged in missional living reflecting authentic relationships with God and others in order to lead the church effectively.  The church is no longer able to rely on programs and ministries but must build relational bridges through missional service, celebration of and recognition/rewarding of missional work.  McNeal offers three shifts which will help the effectiveness of the church in fulfilling the Great Commission.  First, the church needs to shift from being internal focused to becoming external focused.  It is not about us but about offering Christ to the people in our community.  No longer can we operate on a “come and see” basis because it is too shallow.  The shift under missional leadership offers people something to give their lives to fulfill.  People need to know we care enough to die in order to fulfill our mission.  Second, the church must move from being program oriented to becoming people oriented.  It is not the ministries that make the church it is the people.  As we focus on developing people who are passionate about missional living we can expect to witness spiritual growth among our congregations.  Third, the leadership of the church needs to shift from operating like a corporate structure to becoming a kingdom structure which will reflect the church as a living organism.  As missional leaders we must focus on the Kingdom of God and less on our understanding of the church.  Most people in our culture do not see value in becoming a member of our churches but they can see the value of being in the Kingdom of God.  The book offered me fresh insight on how to lead change within the local church and the need to lead people away from the traditional understanding of the role of the church into the Biblical missional role of the church.

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