Seven Types of Biblical Praise

Psalm 150 says, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”  What does it mean to praise the Lord?  Webster defines praise as expressing approval, to glorify. The Old Testament has many Hebrew words which in our Bibles are simply translated as “praise.” Through word studies we can see that each of these words describe how to praise God biblically.  The following are seven Hebrew words for praise and their meanings

1..“Barak” – To Bow, Kneel, Lay Prostrate, Bless (Psalm 72:15).
“Zamar” – To Make Music (Psalm 150:3-5).
3.  “Yadah” – To Lift Hands Upward (Psalm 134:2).
4.  “Towdah” – To Lift Hands to Receive (Psalm 100:4).
5.  “Shabach” – To Make a Loud Shout (Psalm 33:3, 95:1).
6.  “Tehilla” – To Sing a New Song, Spiritual Singing (Psalm 33:3).
7.  “Halal” – To Be Hilarious and Joyful (Psalm 149:9, 150:4).

Not everyone praises the Lord is the same manner.  However, there should be an understanding and acceptance of praise among believers.  Praise is magnifying the Lord. When we magnify God in our lives we minimize the problems in our lives.  Then we gain a fresh vision of the greatness of God. Many times when the enemies of Israel would encamp around them, Joshua would send out the tribe of Judah first. Judah means praise. Judah would go out before the enemies of Israel, armed with nothing but instruments of PRAISE. When the tribe of Judah would begin to praise God would ambush the enemy, and confuse them. The same principle happens in the spirit realm today. When we really begin to praise God, our praise literally confounds the enemy. Remember when our praises go up…  the blessings of God come down.  Let’s praise the Lord and allow everything (or everybody) to praise the Lord without frowning upon them.

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